I can’t pay your full Money Coach rate, is there a payment plan?

While there is no payment plan for my initial ‘Get Your Sh*t Together [GYST] Session, all of my long-term financial coaching programs have payment plans. You’ll be able to pay in monthly installments instead of the full amount for the length of the program. When you sign up, just click ‘monthly installments’ instead of ‘pay full amount’.

There are a lot of Money Management resources out there, can’t I just do this for free? 

Yes, you can, and I always encourage anyone to educate themselves as much as possible! But if you’re considering hiring me, I bet that you’ve already tried to do it yourself. I like to give the example of a personal trainer: of course you can exercise and eat right by yourself, but it’s not necessarily going to be the most effective way to lose weight, or reach your fitness goals. (It’s actually really freaking hard!)

There are definitely ways to learn personal finance and money management without paying someone. But you’re going to be a lot more successful (and a lot less stressed!) if you have a money coach expert who can lead you through, encourage you along the way, & keeping you accountable and focussed.

What program do you use for meeting virtually? 

I use a program called ‘Zoom’ for video chat. When you book a session, you’ll get a link to our chat and a password you can use to verify it’s you. When it comes time for a session, all you need is a browser with an internet connection! 

What does a typical FInancial Coaching session look like? 

During your session time, we’ll hop on a video chat and talk about your personal finances. Each session, I’ll guide you through step-by-step in building your own skills for handling money. Sometimes I’ll have a worksheet, or an activity to go through, and I’ll always have some homework to work on for your next session! :) 

Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Financial Coach / Money Coach, what’s the difference? Who should I hire? 

Excellent question! Financial Advisors & Planners provide planning and assistance to help you achieve future financial goals. Their work can cover: investments, insurances, and/or retirement planning. A Financial Coach, or Money Coach, (that’s what I am!) will work with you from the basics of finance to help you understand how to manage day-to-day money most effectively. A financial coach might also explore the emotions and behaviours associated with money, talk about overspending, or personal savings goals, and help you develop strategies to sustain a healthy lifestyle with your finances.

If you have a healthy savings account, are looking to retire in the near future, or already have a good ‘routine’ of how to handle your day-to-day finances: you’re looking for a Financial Advisor. If you find yourself struggling to pay basic necessities, have no idea where your money is going, and can’t begin to think about how you’re going to afford your next big purchase: you’re looking for a Money Coach!

Want to learn more? I made a video on this topic! You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE6Nqcd8zO8&t=42s

Are you qualified to give financial advice?

As of writing this answer, yes! I have just graduated from the ‘Financial Coach Academy’. This is a program that helps money coaches start their financial coaching business. It gave me tons of awesome tools and helped me develop programming and skills to work specifically with financial coaching clients. I am also a registered Social Worker (Look it up here) and am always looking for new learning opportunities to expand my skills!

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