How does Financial Coaching work? 


The first step is a discovery call. It’s 100% free! You’ll schedule an appointment (here) and select ‘Free Discovery Call’. This is a quick, 15 min phone call just to chat and introduce ourselves. You can learn more about how financial coaching works, my money coach philosophy, and how I might be able to help you with your specific situation.

Then comes the fun part! If you choose to move forward, we’ll schedule a GYST session (“Get Your Sh*t Together”). This is a 2 hour strategy session ALL ABOUT YOU! Once you schedule, you’ll get an email with some money management questions and documents to fill out about your personal finances. Once you send them back, I’ll use your answers to create you a custom, kick-ass, masterplan for your money!

When we get on the call, we’ll work together to figure out what challenge(s) you’re having with your money management, and create a clear action plan to tackle them. If you’re in debt and wish you could get out of it, we’ll work out a roadmap to dig yourself free. If you just want some help to figure out where your money is going and what changes might make a big impact, we can comb through your budget and identify what would carry you the closest to meeting your goals.

At the end of the GYST session, you can choose whether or not to hear about future financial coaching options. For some, a kickstart masterplan is all they need to get ahead of the game, but for most, that kick is just the beginning!